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What to Bring to Your First Houston Car Wreck Consultation

Bring these items when speaking to a Houston Car Wreck Lawyer 

When you are involved in a car accident it can be a very traumatic and chaotic period in your life. Oftentimes, people are unaware of the items that they should bring with them when they initially speak with a Houston car wreck lawyer. Personal injury accidents can create debilitating injuries that leave you physically scarred, emotionally damaged, or unable to move the way you were able to before the accident. Sometimes the injuries are temporary, and sometimes they are permanent. When you are able to provide accurate documentation regarding the accident at the very beginning of your case then you will likely have a much better chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

All personal injury cases are different and may lead to varying results. Houston Car Wreck Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC has developed a checklist for the items you should bring to make sure you get the best representation possible from your attorney.

  • Bills associated with injury
  • Car Insurance Information
  • Correspondence with the other parties in accident
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Medical Records
  • Photographs documenting physical injuries
  • Photographs of scene of accident and vehicle damage
  • Police Report
  • Proof of Lost Wages
  • Rental Car Charges
  • Vehicle Repair Costs

By providing the above information, you can rest assured that your first meeting with Houston Car Wreck Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC runs smoothly and helps to speed along the insurance claim process.

Contact the Houston Car Wreck Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC today!

To schedule a free consultation today, call the firm at (832) 458.1756 or complete the contact form.

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New Moms, Are You Putting Your Child At Risk?

Protect Your Child When Driving – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

A recent survey of new moms is found that although most mothers believe there good drivers, the majority of new moms engage in behaviors that may put their children at risk of series injury in a Houston car accident.

The child protection advocacy groups say kids worldwide an American baby magazine surveyed 2,396 mothers with children under the age of two. Although almost 2/3 of mother said they had become more cautious driver since giving birth, most of the mothers had engage in risky driving behaviors.

Being A New Mom Is Hard – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

New moms are driving drowsy. The mothers in the study average five hours and 20 minutes of sleep per night.

– 78% of the mothers amid to talking on the phone while driving with their babies.

– 55% of moms admitted to driving above the speed limit their baby in the car.

– 26% of mothers said they had text are check their email are driving with children

– 67% of mothers had turned around to do for shall in the back seat while driving.

– 10% of mothers had been in a car wreck with their children.

Are Your Putting Your Child At Risk? Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

One out of every 10 new mothers have been in a car wreck with her child. This is an accident, Ray that is three times higher than the rate for the general population and very close to the accident rate for teenagers.

You pick the safest car seat, for your own driving behavior could be putting your child at risk. Distracted driving plays a role neighborhood car wreck. These tips from are used in car wreck lawyer can help you and your children stay safe.

All moms multitask. Stop multitasking when you’re driving give the role your full attention. You can multitask when is appropriate–as the appropriate when you’re engage in a high risk job such as driving.

Turn off your phone and put it away with when you are in the car. If you put your phone in the back seat, you will be tempted to check it.

Miles can always get enough sleep. Avoid driving when you are having an especially tiring day.

Keep your eyes on the road. If your child needs attention, don’t turn around. It’s okay for your child to cry while you look for safe place to pull over.

Always buckle up. Make sure your child is in age-appropriate car seat.

If you or your loved on is every involved in an auto accident and suffer severe or fatal injuries call RJ Alexander Law PLLC, Houston Car Wreck Lawyer, to help you.The firm offers a free initial consultation at (832) 458-1756.

Call Today For A Free Consultation – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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Settling Your Teen’s Fatal Car Wreck Doesn’t Mean You Are Settling For Less

Dealing With The Death of A Child – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

There is in a moment that goes by that you don’t relive what happened to your child. Whether or not you are at the scene of the car wreck, you think about your child’s pain and fear and brings you to your knees. While your child’s fatal accident is always in your head, it is hard to talk about.

And so you worry about going to court.

You picture the inside of the courtroom and you imagine the defense lawyer saying things about your child are difficult to hear. You don’t, we’re child’s name tarnished, you don’t want the facts to be mistaken, and you don’t want to put yourself or your family through the pain of such a proceeding.

If someone should pay for taking your child’s life. Someone should pay for the pain your child experienced, the opportunities he lost, and for the other damages caused by the accident.

Is settlement a  good option? – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Many wrongful death case to settle before trial. It is possible that you will make a fair recovery without ever going to court. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just ask for fair settlement and receive it. In most cases, you’ll have to fight for it. You, together with your car wreck lawyer from RJ Alexander Law PLLC will have to present evidence and well reasoned arguments to convince the insurance company that is good idea to settle. Additionally, you will need to convince the insurance company that you are not afraid to go to trial. Otherwise, the insurer may export your fear and try to get you to accept a lower settlement since they know you will not pursue a recovery in the courtroom.

Settling A Case – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Settling a case after the wrongful death of your child is one the most important things that you will do. It may be difficult, but it can be done fairly if you do the research and understand how to advocate for your fair recovery.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation where you are doing with the loss of a loved one are sustained severe injuries in a Houston car wreck call RJ Alexander Law PLLC, Houston car wreck lawyer, at 832-458-1756.

Call Me Today To Help You – Houston Car Wreck Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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What To Do When Encountering A Drunken Driver in Houston

Watch Out For Drunken Drivers – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Have you ever witnessed a vehicle driving erratically? Perhaps the driver was swerving in and out of his lane, breaking unexpectedly are driving extremely slowly. It is very likely that this driver was intoxicated. You should be careful when encountering these drivers, as they are the cause of many car accidents.

Steps To Avoid Drunken Drivers – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Do you know the correct steps to take when encountering a possible drunk driver? If not, don’t feel bad: many people don’t know what to do they see a drunk driver on the road. There are three basic steps you can take to keep yourself and others on the road safe:

1. Keep your distance. It is important to maintain your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers at all times. If you suspect the driver being drunk, you should keep to a distance that will allow you to react to any erratic behavior. Pull off the roadway until it is safe, if you must.

2. Remember what you see. As you see the vehicle driving, try to memorize license plate number, color and make of the vehicle. If you have a pen and paper handy right information down when it is safe to do so.

3. Call the authorities. The local police should always be notify one drunken drivers on the road. If you know the number for the local police station, call it. If not, call 911. Give them the information you wrote down so they will be able to easily identify the vehicle.

Don’t Try To Handle This Yourself – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Unfortunately, drunken driving accidents are very common encounters in car accident wrecks so contact Houston car accident lawyer, RJ Alexander Law PLLC to discuss your legal options. Call 832-458-1756 today for a free case evaluation. You are always our number one priority.

Call The Firm That Cares – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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Be Careful When Exchanging Information After A Car Accident

What People Normally Provide? – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

After a Houston car accident, you are required by law to stop as close to the scene as safely as possible, check to see if anyone was injured, and exchange information with the other driver. But do you know what information to provide?

There are many car accident checklist and apps available. They contain list of information that you should obtain from the other driver. Here is an example:

– Drivers name
– Address driver license number and state
– Date of birth.
– Home phone number.
– Work phone number
– Vehicle owner.
– Vehicle owner address
– Name of insurance company
– Address and phone number of insurance company
– Insurance policy number
– Iype of vehicle.
– Vehicle make and model
– Vehicle mileage
– Vehicle identification number
– License plate number
– Number of occupants
– Names and addresses of passengers

Why You Shouldn’t Give Everything – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The problem is that this list contains a lot of identify information. Your name, address, and license number may be enough information to allow someone to take out a store credit card in your name. Giving your address to as a potential criminal where he can obtain your mail. This may seem overly cautious, but the fact is that a major reason why accidents are staged is to collect information for identity theft. The national Association of insurance commissioners recently warned about providing too much information following an auto accident.

What Do You Need To Provide? – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

So what should you provide? Here’s a list that will provide the other driver was what he needs and protect your identity. After a Houston traffic accident:

– Name
– Vehicle make and model
– Vehicle year and color
– Vehicle identification number
– Insurance company.
– Insurance agent.
– Insurance agent or company phone number.
– Policy number

Learn how to protect your rights after a Houston car accident. To schedule an appointment with a Houston car crash lawyer, contact RJ Alexander law PLLC at 832-458-1756.

Call Me at (832) 458-1756 – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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Speeding Tips That May Save Your Life on Houston Streets

Speeding Accidents – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Speeding is one of the main causes of automobile accidents in Houston. Speeding while driving is dangerous to both you as a driver, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. Traveling over the speed limit reduces the driver’s ability to steer safely around curves are objects that may be on the road. In addition, the driver’s reaction time to hazardous situations significantly decreases the faster that one is traveling.

Although these are some of the more serious consequences, traveling over the speed limit can also lead to a very expensive speeding ticket and possible revocation of your license. Remember that driving on Houston roads is a privilege not a right.

Small Engine Cars – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Owning a car with a small engine can help people who like to speed. These tend to be slower cars, which not only keep speeding to a minimum, but typically provides car owners of better fuel mileage. Additionally, the acceleration in smaller engine cars is less than a car motor vehicle with significant horsepower.

When driving, pay close attention to speed limit signs as he your speedometer. Distracted driving is often the cause of accidental speeding, which can be easily prevented by simply paying attention to your dashboard. Try leaving earlier in order to avoid having to rush to work are completing other errands. Adding extra minutes to your trip is a great idea, especially since you never know when an accident or new construction work will take place, call more traffic congestion and delayed arrival times. When you depart from your home or work without giving yourself extra time to arrive at your destination, you will drive faster and it is likely that you will be involved in a car accident.

You Are The #1 Priority – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Another helpful tip is to drive under the speed limit. Driving under 5 mph lesson the speed limit will not affect your travel time much, but it will help you avoid an accident.

Another helpful trick to prevent speeding is to relax and listen to classical our world music. Faster tempo music generally influences you to speed while driving.

If you been hurt in an accident by someone was speeding in Houston are another area of Texas, call Houston car accident lawyer RJ Alexander law PLLC. The firm offers a free initial consultation so call today at 832-458-1756.

Call (832) 458-1756 Today! – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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Phone “Selfies” Lead to Fatal Houston Car Accidents

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Today, your trusted Houston Car Accident Lawyer at RJ Alexander law PLLC has some news that might save you from being involved in a car accident.

If texting while driving wasn’t bad enough, technology has inspired yet another new dangerous trend: taking a picture of yourself while driving, which is commonly known as a “selfie.”

Different mobile apps such as Instagram and Facebook allow drivers to take photographs of themselves, and these can be seen under different hashtags on those mobile platforms. Car “selfies” offer a new way for you to become a victim of distracted driving. According to the Department of Transportation, it is estimated that more than 3330 deaths are caused by distracted drivers each year. Cell phone usage alone caused 385 daily crashes in 2011, according to the national occupant protection you survey.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

As society changes, and we become more focused on videotaping of photographing every moment of our awake lives this attachment to technology will likely calls a dramatic increase in the amount of accidents, especially among teenagers and young adults. Even though these mobile apps may seem initially fun and exciting to the user, drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of the obvious dangers involved in taking pictures or videos while driving. Taking photographs while you’re driving not only distracts you from the road but also obstructs your road vision.

According to the American Automobile Association, drivers who take their eyes off the road for two seconds to take a picture can travel 176 feet at 60 mph. While recording a six second video, such as one on the mobile app Vine, someone going 60 mph can travel 528 feet. That is the equivalent of one and a half football fields. Just think about the amount of carnage that someone using their smart phone could cause all to impress people who don’t likely care.

Although teens are usually the target of most distracted driving awareness campaigns by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is still important for everyone to remember that distracted driving is dangerous driving.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Remember to call you are Houston car accident lawyer from RJ Alexander Law PLLC, if you or someone you know has been hurt in a car accident in Houston or anywhere else in the state. The initial consultation is free and you can reach the firm at 832-458-1756.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

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What You Don’t Know About Your Car Accident Can Hurt Your Compensation

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

What you don’t know about your car accident can affect your injured recovery, and your chances of compensation.

Too many lives have been forever altered and cut short as a result of a car accident. Survivors wake up in the hospital happy to be alive, want to be inundated with calls from Bill collectors and insurance adjusters. After months of bed rest, they still cannot go back to work–and their savings accounts are all but empty due to their necessary medical treatments.

You have a right to know what will happen to you after a car accident.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Whether you have suffer whiplash, broken bones, a brain injury, or even paralysis after your car accident, you have a right to receive fair compensation. If the crash was caused by negligent driver. Unfortunately, many victims way these rights by making simple mistakes that can harm their case. It is only after they have spent days in a hospital bed recovering the most victims even have time to ask basic questions about the accident, including:

– How I pay for medical bills?

– How might want to make up for the time I have lost work?

– How might want to get around? Is my vehicle going to be fixed or is it a total loss?

– How will I be compensated for my injuries?

– When insurance company treated fairly?

– Do I need a lawyer?

RJ Alexander law PLLC provides an experienced team of car accident and injury attorneys that after an accident believe all victims have a right to as much information as possible, as well as the right to compensation for injuries and damages. That is why we provide the answers to all these questions at your consultation. Began protecting your rights. Call today for a free initial consultation!

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Who could be liable for the cost of your recovery?

There’s almost no limit to the amount of money it victim could lose as a result of a car accident. First? There are the cost of emergency room services, hospitalization, and surgery to save his life. Patient was then suffer through weeks of pay for recovery, physical rehabilitation, and range of motion exercises to regain dystrophy is laws. There are the added financial burdens of the loss of his vehicle of the loss of his wages, since many victims are unable to return to work while the injuries heal. Finally, it’s not uncommon for injured victim to suffer sleeplessness and flashbacks as a result of the psychological trauma of the crash.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

You may be entitled to compensation. If you were injured as a result of:

Distracted driving: an overwhelming number of accidents are caused by cell phone use, texting or even drivers playing games on electronic devices behind the wheel. If you can prove that the driver who struck. He was distracted at the time of the accident, you may be oh to get significant compensation for your medical bills.

Drunk driving: not only can drunk drivers be children five causing an accident, the bar the overserved them can also be held liable for their role in the crash.

Driver fatigue: study have shown they getting behind the wheel when a person is exhausted are driving far too many hours in one sitting can peer drivers reflexes as much as intoxication. This is especially relevant in 18 Wheeler truck accident death cases.

Recklessness: speeding, aggressive driving and driving too fast for rolled all weather conditions. Not only increases the chance of an accident, they also carry a high risk of serious injury as a result of a crash.

Car malfunction: some accidents are not the fault of the driver, but of the vehicle itself. If your car. The vehicle that struck you malfunction in some way–such as a stuck a separation pedal, defective brakes, or seatbelt failure–the car, manufacture, are auto retailer may be liable for your medical bills, and the replacement cost of your vehicle.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Do you need an attorney to handle your car accident?

Some car accident cases can be settle without the help of an attorney. However, simply retain an attorney to represent you can affect the amount of the accident settlement. A recent study by the end insurance research Council reveal that auto accident injury claim to hire a lawyer received 3.5 times more than those who negotiated with the insurance adjuster themselves.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

At RJ Alexander law PLLC, Houston car accident lawyer, our first priority is to provide honest and accurate legal information to all clients. We want to see you get back on your feet and get the justice and compensation you deserve after a serious car accident. Our attorney will provide you with the personal care and attention you deserve, while using years of experience to successfully represent you in front of insurance companies and in the courtroom and we do not charge you any fees unless we win your case.

If you been injured in a car accident, we can help explain your legal rights and no cost to you. From our headquarters in Houston. We serve all of Houston and Texas; he also have a satellite office in Galena Park Texas to conveniently serve you. Citizen of the short contact form on the bottom right of this page for a free consultation on your case or give us a call at 832-458-1756.

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A Houston Car Accident Can Happen At Any Time: Be Prepared.

Be Prepared By Downloading The Firm Form – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC 

Thousands of car accidents happen every year. In the city of Houston, Texas people encounter accidents on a daily basis while driving on our highways and it can happen at any point with any person. This can happen accidentally or due to negligence of other people. The victim can face some serious monetary problems related to medication, doctors fees, surgery costs, and losses in professional life. RJ Alexander Law PLLC: Houston Personal Injury Lawyer will fight to get the maximum possible compensation and give satisfaction to the victim.

Full and Fair Compensation – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The firm handles motor vehicle accident cases and help you to get the satisfaction and fully recovery and get the fair compensation for your damage property. If you have some financial problems, we will help you to find the legal professional to get the right justice for you. We have knowledgeable and experienced lawyers know how to complete paperwork quickly; this will save your money.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

If you or your any familiar has been involved in such type of injury the Houston Car Accident Lawyer at RJ Alexander Law PLLC focuses on vehicle injury cases and help you to get satisfaction in these cases and help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Our experienced lawyer takes actions to help to reduce medical expenses while simultaneously handling the victims rights not only in Houston, Katy, Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, Jersey Village, Pearland, Cypress, Pasadena, Sugarland, and Conroe but throughout the entire state of Texas as well.

If you or your loved one suffers a severe or catastrophic injury in a Houston car accident feel free to call RJ Alexander law PLLC, the Houston Car Accident Lawyer, for a free initial consultation. The firm is always ready to take your call and health you in the event that you suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing.

Call RJ Alexander law PLLC at (832) 458-1756 and speak with a lawyer today.

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Spinal Cord Injury and the Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury and the Houston Car Accident Lawyer – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC 

The law considers spinal injuries as serious or “catastrophic” injuries in terms of personal injury law.  Houston personal injury attorneys – referred to also as “spine injury attorneys” – try these cases.  In the even of a spine injury, immediately contact an experienced spine injury attorney with trial experience.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) can be caused by several kinds of spine injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, acts of violence, and accidents due to unsafe or negligent circumstance at work or in public such as a slip and falls.  When the spinal cord is injured, the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body is compromised.  Depending on the location and severity of the injury, the brain may not be able to “tell” the limbs to move, the bowels and bladder to function, or even the lungs to breathe.  The average age of an SCI case used to be 15 to 30 or 35.  In recent years, the onset age has risen to 40.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Life expectancy for spinal cord injury victims in general has also increased at a steady rate over the years. The first year following a severe spine injury is when the probability of death is the highest.  After surviving the first year, the age of the patient, the degree of injury, and the previous state of physical and mental health all play a role in determining how long the SCI survivor might expect to live.

Age of patient and degree of injury: A compilation of data from two recent studies estimated the average life expectancy to be 35 years for onset of quadriplegia at age 20 years, and an average life expectancy 45 years with paraplegia for that same 20 year old. The average life expectancy for a 40 year-old patient with paraplegia was averaged at 27 years with a 20-year life expectancy for the 40 year-old with quadriplegia.  The average life expectancy for a 60 year-old patient with quadriplegia was just 8 years and a 13-year life expectancy for the 60 year-old who is paraplegic.

Previous state of physical and mental health: Another study discovered that paraplegics and quadriplegics who suffered previously from bedsores and/or other infections, amputations, major depression, or hospitalization for any reason in the year prior to the spinal injury, all had decreased life expectancy at approximately the following rates: chronic bedsores and/or infections: 50% less life expectancy, prior amputation: 35% less life expectancy, hospitalization during the year prior to the SCI: 19% less life expectancy, and having been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder: 18% less life expectancy.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC 

There are approximately 900 deaths each year in the US from acute SCI.  The National Spinal Cord Injury Database reports that the main cause of death for the average spinal cord injury victim has changed in the past four decades since the database began its’ collection of data in 1973.  In past years, kidney failure caused the largest numbers of deaths.  Currently, the respiratory complications of severe pneumonia and pulmonary emboli have now become the prominent reasons for death.  This change may be attributed to the remarkable progress in the specialties of Urologic care.  For patients who are younger than 25 years old, suicide is also a major cause of death.

10 to 20% of spinal cord injury patients don’t even survive long enough to even get to the hospital emergency room.  About 3% of those who do make it to the emergency room die while receiving acute treatment in the ER or in the intensive care unit.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The number of years a patient who suffers from a spinal cord injury will expect to live, will be of paramount interest to the families and loved ones of the SCI victim in seeking compensation for a spine injury lawsuit resulting from a motor vehicle accident, act of violence, and slip and fall accidents due to unsafe or negligent conditions.  A spine injury attorney is qualified to assist families in estimating the lifetime cost a spinal cord injury patient will need for optimal care for the remainder of their life.

Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC – Representing Car Accident Victims

If you or your loved one suffers a severe or catastrophic injury in a Houston car accident feel free to call RJ Alexander law PLLC, the Houston Car Accident Lawyer, for a free initial consultation. The firm is always ready to take your call and health you in the event that you suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing.

Call RJ Alexander law PLLC at (832) 458-1756 and speak with a lawyer today.

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