Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney
At RJ Alexander Law, PLLC, our focus is on helping the victims of Houston car accidents receive full and fair compensation.

Thousands of Houston area drivers are involved in car accidents every year. Many of these car accidents. Only result in minor injuries and damages.

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However, serious car accidents require the help of an experienced Houston car accident lawyer. Serious accidents lead to serious injuries that often result in costly in expensive medical care. It may take time for you to recover from a car accident and this may mean missing work, resulting in lost income. It can also result in loss Re: potential and long-term medical treatment, creating a difficult financial burden for you and your family to bear.

At Car Accident Attorney RJ Alexander Law PLLC, we focus extensively on helping people who were injured in car accidents in the Houston area. Our firm’s managing car accident attorney, Reshard Alexander, has more than five years of legal experience in handling car accident cases. Our firm, built on that experience, understands how to approach difficult cases. We have a strong record of success, having recovered money for our injured clients.

Determining fault in a Houston car accident – Car Accident Attorney 
Trying to determine who was at fault in a car accident is a matter of deciding who the negligent driver is. Determining this can be a complicated process. To increase the chances of a positive outcome, our firm prepares every case as if it will go to trial: investigating the car accident, interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence to prove the other driver was at fault. We offer only prepared to handle the most complicated cases.

A negligent driver is one that behaves in a thoughtless are careless manner, causing harm or injury to another person. Examples of negligent driving include:

– Speeding
– texting while driving
– racing
– tailgating
– distracted while driving
– driving while intoxicated
– drugged driving

Our law firm has the resources and experience to re-create the accident and show how the negligent driver led to the seriousness of your injuries.

Types of Houston car accident injuries – Car Accident Attorney
each car accident is unique, resulting in a wide range of injuries. Serious injuries may require extensive and costly medical care, often taking weeks, months, or even years to recover. Some injuries are catastrophic and the victim may never fully recover. Depending on the type of injury, the severity, will determine what sort of financial compensation you need.

Some of the more common types of car accident injuries include:
– Brain injuries
– Neck injuries
– Back injuries
– Broken bones are bone fractures
– Whiplash
– Wrongful death

No matter what type of car accident, you are involved in, you should seek medical attention in order to determine the extent of the damage done to your body. We can help you get in touch with the right doctors as well as begin building your case for recovery immediately.

Contact a Houston Car Accident Attorney
If you are a loved one are seriously injured in a Houston car accident, you can call our office at 832-458-1756. We offer a free initial consultation with a car accident lawyer in all personal injury cases, and you never pay attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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