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Choosing a Qualified Nerve Injury Houston Car Wreck lawyer
Nerve Injury Texas Car Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander PLLC

The Houston car accident lawyer can help you get compensation for nerve damage resulting from another drivers negligence.

The painful symptoms of nerve damage following a car accident often present themselves into the next day. This can cause problems for the victim of a car accident was injured when a negligent driver struck the vehicle. Our firm can help in these instances where the injuries sustained was not diagnosed immediately after the crash.

Your body is full of nerves that are on an essential part of your body central nervous system. They are responsible for your bodily movements, sensations, and thoughts. Nerve from occurs with the surrounding area becomes fractured, crushing the nerve. This results in either a pinched are severed nerve which can produce pain, numbness, are a complete loss of filling the movement.

Nerve Injury Houston Car Wreck lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The total extent of the damage in your recovery will depend on the location of the nerve involved in the severity of the trauma. Nerve damage from a car accident would generally occur in one of three ways:

Blunt force trauma – Nerve Injury Houston Car Wreck lawyer

This is when your head, legs, torso are arms hits a surface in a car crash. Usually associated with hitting the steering column on the back of the front seat Blunt force trauma can also curve the car accident victim is thrown from the car.

Whiplash – Nerve Injury Houston Car Wreck lawyer

Whiplash is an isolated type of nerve damage that occurs at the base of the victim’s neck when a car is hit from behind, even at a low speed, the impact cause of the content a jerk for him back with great force. Not only does is damaged the nerves in the next, it also causes swelling of the surrounding muscle intends. Whiplash injuries are one of the most, that our legal team sees.

Lacerations – Nerve Injury Houston Car Wreck lawyer

Deep cuts from a car accident can sever our harm the nerves in the surrounding area. The treatment of nerve damage varies in some cases is not much more than pain management and rest, as a swelling around the nerve begins to go down. In some cases physical therapy are surgery is needed to help correct the problem your physician will help you choose which type of treatment is best to help with your nerve damage.

Nerve Injury Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the type of nerve damage and treatment you receive, the negligent driver should be held responsible for the payment of your medical treatments, and in certain cases compensation for pain and suffering.

The nerve injury Houston car wreck lawyer at RJ Alexander law PLLC can assist you are proving that the injury was a direct result of the car accident. This will help to prove medical damages, an important component of a car accident claim or any other claim of personal injury. Call our offices today at (832) 458 – 1756 and seven appointment to discuss the details of your case.

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