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Herniated Disc and Pinched Nerve – Herniated Disc Houston Car Wreck Lawyer 

Car accident and truck accidents can lead to a herniated disk or other disc injury, as was nerve damage.

The back trauma sustained in a car accident will often cause a herniated disc injury. Symptoms of these types of back injuries may not sure for days, and the MRI need to protect them is not commonly order by emergency room physicians. RJ Alexander Law PLLC deals with cases involving car accident victims with slipped or herniated discs. We can assist you in seeking compensation for your blown disc from the negligent driver who calls your car accident.

Pinched nerve from a car accident – Herniated Disc Houston Car Wreck Lawyer 

Car accidents and truck accidents can be to a herniated disc are other disc injury as well as nerve damage. The disc injury and of injury can be related, such as when a center herniated disc causes a pinched nerve, nerve impingement, radiculopathy, or chronic pain.

You might hear a variety of terms in reference to the back injury your been treated for., Herniated disc, and bulging disc are all referring to the condition where the inner portion of the disk is protruding from the tough outer portion causing severe pain to the area. If the disc’s depressing one of your spinal nerves, painter radiate towards other parts of your body. The most common instance of this is a slipped disc in the lower back, which pages the nerve and cause a condition known as sciatica.

In most instances you will feel when the disc ruptures as a topping sensation in your spinal column or neck. For some the pain will be immediate a sharp, offer others the pain may not present itself for days. If you think you help out the disc in a car accident, assist on spinal MRI. This is the best diagnostic tool for the condition. If you leave the hospital about the diagnosis and return a few days later with back pain, the defense attorney for the negligent driver may try arguing that you injured your disc in another way, not in the car accident.

Nerve Damage – Herniated Disc Houston Car Wreck Lawyer 

A herniated a ruptured disc will cause pain in the back, legs, arms, and but occupational where the nerve is that it is pinching. It could still numb or it may be a sharp pain that is radiating all the way to your feet. In this type of injury is not treated quickly, you may be left in chronic pain.

The chronic pain could interfere in your ability to work are enjoy hobbies that you normally participated in. Houston car accident lawyer RJ Alexander law PLLC will assist you in being compensated for that chronic pain as well as any other damages you incurred as a result of the negligent driver.

Treatment for herniated disc is often expensive and can include their PR back surgery. A back surgeon can remove a herniated disc to relieve the pressure it is putting on the spinal cord. This is a risky and costly procedure used to try and alleviate the pain associated with a bulging disc.

Herniated Disc Houston Car Wreck Lawyer 

At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, Houston car wreck lawyer focuses on handling car accident claims including those involving herniated disc injury and pinched nerve damage. Is aggressive approach to handling claims it would is to go to trial are known to many insurance companies and we believe this leads to much better initial settlement offers from those companies.

Discuss your herniated disc are pinched nerve injury claim from a car or truck accident contact RJ Alexander Law PLLC today at (832) 458-1756.

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