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Choosing A Qualified Child Passenger Houston Car Wreck Lawyer
Houston Child Passenger Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

Houston car wreck involving a child passenger

Our car accident lawyer can aggressively pursue your legal case while you attend to the well-being of your injured child.

Parents of newborns a young children tend to worry excessively over possible threats to their child safety, which hopefully never happened, while one of the biggest threats to a child safety is sitting in the driveway. More babies and children die from the injuries caused by car accident than from any other potential accident. This is even more sad when you consider that most of these accidents were preventable.

When a child cannot communicate using words

If your baby or child was hurt in an accident, it is your duty as a parent advocate on their behalf particularly with babies are unable to communicate their pain and suffering with words. Our firm is comprised of compassionate car accident lawyers who will help to make the legal in of your car accident easy for you, while you tend the health and well-being of your injured child.

Head injuries – Child Passenger Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

Head injuries are the most common found in babies after a car accident. Concussions are serious side effect of these types of traumas. The trouble is that most test for brain injuries involve sensory cues to assess any cognitive damage, such as Paul the doctor’s finger with your eyes, or asking questions that the victim should know the answer to.

These types of cognitive test on impossible to him on a baby who has yet to develop some of these very cognitive skills that doctors are trained to look for in head trauma injuries.

The lack of skeletal development in a baby makes hit injuries even more serious for them, necessitating treatment quickly to avoid future problems with developmental milestones educational delays. Even worse is a possible guilty of future psychological disorders are paralysis in the underlying cause of traumas not diagnosed and treated quickly enough.

Protecting your child – Child Passenger Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

Aside from never letting your baby or child riding a car, there is not much more you can do to prevent these types of injuries beyond ensuring that they are properly restrained in federally approved car seats. For and site impact cause more damage to passengers in the front, so these extra restraining devices for babies and children should always be in the back seat. For infants who have not yet developed neck control, the seed should generally be facing backwards.

We understand that if your child has been injured, it has been a difficult time in your life, watch your baby suffer from a head trauma and not been able to get a clear prognosis. While hard to think about, it is important to start considering the possibility of your babies long-term medical care and how you will be able to provide for that. We can help you come up with a plan for filing a claim of pursuing compensation that will provide rehabilitation therapy ongoing medical care for your injured baby.

Child Passenger Houston Car Wreck Lawyer RJ Alexander PLLC

Call RJ Alexander law PLLC, Houston Car Wreck Lawyer, today to set up a free appointment at (832) 458-1756. If another driver is liable for the accident, we will aggressively pursue your claim to recover damages. Now is a time for you to focus on your child and began looking for ways to help them recover from this awful ordeal while we focus on proving liability and recover your present and future damages.


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